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5 Game-Changing Interior Design Tips From One of LA’s Freshest New Studios from GQ Magazine.

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5 Game-Changing Interior Design Tips From One of LA’s Freshest New Studios.

  • For GQ Style
  • By Lili Goksenin  
  • Photographs by Jace Lumley


Kickstart your spring redesign with patterns, color, and boldness courtesy of Work + Sea.

Making a home that’s thoughtful, understated, and individual takes some patience and, honestly, it might take some help. Michael Woodcock and Lara Apponyi of Work + Sea, a LA-based interior design firm, are just the people to ask. Their apartment in LA (they're just friends and colleagues who also live together—modern!) is filled with unexpected art and patterns used in unexpected ways, like the giant batik stuffed snake posted up in their living room, the hand-painted wallpaper (designed by Apponyi) that depicts sunny-side-up eggs and breasts (!) in the dining room, and the oriental rug pinned to the wall in a bedroom. It’s an eclectic mix that feels at once haphazard and by design, weird but also elegant. It all just makes sense together.

Apponyi and Woodcock met 6 years ago at the architecture studio Raad in New York where they quickly realized they shared an aesthetic and a creative vision. “Our roles are very indicative of how our designs come out,” says Woodcock. “I’m trained in architecture and Lara is trained in painting and fine art. Neither of us are traditional interior designers but we both understand elements of art that apply to space and design.” The fact that neither are traditional interior designers is important and encouraging. Their more-is-more and like-what-you-like vibe is something we can all espouse when arranging a room. But it’s not just pile it on and go—there’s a method. So we asked the Work + Sea squad to share some interior design skills for creating a living space filled with pattern, color, personality, and some weird shit.

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